Environmental Policy

At Windmill Lodges we operate seven log cabins from our site just outside the market town of Framlingham near the picturesque Suffolk Heritage Coast. We are committed to providing good quality service whilst actively reducing our environmental impact. Our activities are largely based around provision of services and utilities for our guests. As a result, the majority of our energy spend and carbon emissions are from use of grid electricity and burning of LPG, our main purchases by environmental impact include glassware, chemicals for pool maintenance and food & drink products.

Our baseline carbon footprint is from January 2013 and has been calculated to be 130.5 tonnes of CO2e.most of which, 73%, has been calculated to be attributable to the consumption of grid electricity. LPG consumption has been estimated to account for 27% of the site’s emissions and water and waste for less than 1% each.

Through the implementation of this policy and the associated action plan, we hope to continually reduce our environmental impact and grow our business sustainably.

Some ways in which we are currently achieving this are:-

  • Our lodges are built from wood from sustainable resources – wood is an incredibly good insulator and its natural thermal insulation provides all year round comfort – warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • All windows are double glazed
  • All curtains are fully lined to prevent heat loss
  • Showers are provided to use instead of baths as a water saving option
  • Recycling of glass, paper, cardboard and cans through our on site recycling bins and bottle bank
  • We use environmental friendly cleaning products where possible
  • Our welcome pack consists of where possible Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar, eco friendly washing up liquid and hand soap, recycled paper toilet rolls and kitchen rolls
  • We bulk buy and refill whenever possible to reduce packaging waste
  • We have installed energy saving light bulbs wherever appropriateWhen replacing white goods, we are doing so with energy efficient products
  • We actively encourage guests to switch off electrical appliances and not to leave on stand by
  • Wind up torches are provided
  • We provide public transport timetables and a local footpath map
  • We provide online booking with email notification to reduce paper
  • We use email whenever possible and appropriate to reduce paper
  • We double sided print whenever possible
  • We use solid ink cartridges, as they produce the least amount of waste
  • We have taken the difficult decision to close our swimming pool during the winter months to reduce our carbon footprint

We are constantly seeking new ways in which we can reduce our impact on our environment without forsaking the comfort and enjoyment of our guests.

February 2013

We have identified a number of reduction targets that we intend to achieve by January 2015:

  • reduce our electricity consumption by 7.5%
  • minimise our LPG use
  • continue to purchase local and sustainable products

To achieve this, we are going to:

  • Monitor and manage energy use
  • Explore new heating options
  • Maximise pool & hot tub efficiency
  • Improve supply chain sustainability

We will also be looking for support from our suppliers and contractors in our commitment to continual environmental improvement.

To understand and quantify our progress against the above targets, we will be closely monitoring our energy consumption by taking regular meter readings and analysing purchasing data to ensure the effective management of resources and any impact mitigation measures. We will keep staff and stakeholders updated on this progress, and update this document and our action plan annually, or if our business changes its activities significantly.


Date: 17 January 2014
Name: Lisa Handley
Role: Owner

Windmill Lodges Environmental Action Plan

Action Responsible Staff member <Date required by Further notes/td>
Attain the Suffolk Carbon Charter Lisa Handley February 2014 Achieved Silver Award 29th January 2014
Monitor and manage energy use Lisa Handley On-going
Explore new heating options Lisa Handley November 2014
Maximise pool & hot tub efficiency Lisa Handley May 2014
Improve supply chain sustainability Lisa Handley< May 2014